Monday, June 30, 2008

Uhhhhhmmm, yeah

Holy crap I almost feel guilty for enjoying most of this. Apparently this was a pilot for Wonder Showzen, which is something from MTV. More here. - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneak Attack


Big Lebowski Action Figures

I think the picture says it all.

I can't wait until Christmas.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ask The Ref

I know strange things can happen on the pitch (2006 World Cup Final), so I am not going to suggest these questions are retarded. However, imagining them actually occurring is quite amusing and it is funny to think someone is actually wondering these things.

The BBC is running a feature where strange questions get asked to Keith Hackett, the Premier League referees' chief. You can view them here:

An interesting development has revealed that if either a mascot/fan/anyone else who isn't a player OR an object prevents the game ball from entering the goal, the ball is considered dead and there would be a drop ball from the point of interference.

Some of my favorites (my nicknames):
Pigeon Hold:
"What would happen if, for example, Jens Lehmann of Germany was being attacked by five pigeons while he was in goal and Phillipe Senderos decides to shoot from 50 yards for Switzerland and scores? Would this goal stand?"

Flying O:
"What would happen if 6 players were to make a circle formation around the ball and run with the ball into the opposing team's goal? Would the goal stand?"

"Suppose that Holland are playing Spain in the semi-final, and Holland have a corner. The corner is swung in, and a goalmouth scramble follows in which Van Nistelrooy's foot is accidentally trodden on, and his boot almost comes off his foot. When the ball falls in front of him, he kicks his foot out and his boot flies off, hits the ball and knocks it into the goal.
Is it a goal? If not, do you caution him?"

HPV, Gus, and Heat

Watch me blog.

So Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health is going to offer HPV vaccinations for young girls in the fall. This will help prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV. The theory of why this is bad thing, although mystifying, is this: allowing these vaccinations is tantamount to condoning sex for young girls.

And while I don't think 11-12 year girls should be having sex at that age, I can't fathom why you would want to punish a child for doing so by chancing them with cancer. The "one strike, you're dead" rule is totally unnecessary, though it unfortunately often comes from religious quarters.

Besides, where's the outrage to Hepatitis B immunization or Tetanus shots? I don't see kids going "Yay! Now we can go out and safely shoot up drugs together while having rusty nail stabbing fights!"


Well, my prediction came true and Russia moved on to the quarterfinals by defeating Sweden. This was the first time they have moved on from the group stage of a major tournament since the Soviet Union disbanded. They even beat out England to just reach the tournament in qualifying.

And how did they go from rags to riches? Jedi Gus Hiddink. Russia's current manager has worked his magic yet again to advance another unlikely team into the knock out stages. He did it with Australia in the 2006 World Cup, sending Croatia and Japan packing before narrowly losing to Italy in extra time. And he was able to get South Korea's first win in 5 tournaments at the 2002 World Cup before marching them to the third place game.

I'm not sure he can match the Dutch in the quarters here though. Even Yoda lost a few battles.


So Matthew Good was last night and it was pretty rockin. The music was fantastic, though I don't know how into the show he was at first. I know crowd chatter has bothered him in the past and there was plenty of that during his opening sequence of Hospital Music songs. By the end when he was playing the classics, everyone was well into it though.

I give the Odeon a 1/5 for venue. It was ridiculously hot in there, to the point of almost not being able to breath. Matt Good's shirt was soaked straight through after less than half his set. And I couldn't hear one word he said while trying to engage the crowd, and we were right in front of the soundboard! On the plus side, I had no problems getting 6$ beers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cool Ant Attack

Don't worry, the gecko was dead.

Time Lapse of Ants Eating A Gecko - Watch more free videos

Monday, June 09, 2008

Hockey Pool Roundup

I wanted to make a summary of my performance in hockey pools this year, so I figured this would be a good way to do it.

Regular Season
1. Main Local Draft, 20 players each, snake style, points only
Cost: 20$
Result: 1st of 5
Winnings: +80$
2. Fantasy hockey, Sporting News, season 1 (1st half)
Cost: 0$
Result: 1st of 7
3. Fantasy hockey, Sporting News, season 2 (2nd half)
Cost: 0$
Result: 2nd of 9
4. Box Style draft, point/penalty minutes/goalies
Cost: 20$
Result: ~15 of ~60
Winnings: -20$

1. Box Style Draft, points/goalies
Cost: 10$
Result: 1st of 11
Winnings: +90
2. Snake Style Draft, points/goalies
Cost: 5$
Result: 2nd of 6
Winnings: -5$
3. Vecima playoff pick'em pool, 3 points to pick series winner, bonus 2 points for correct # games picked
Cost: 0$
Result 1st of 31
Winnings: 40$ gas card

Overall, not a shabby year to come up with some wins and winnings of 145$ plus the gas card.

Now to dominate my 1v1 Euro pick'em pool versus Brett.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


From Sportsnet...

The famous Hockey Night in Canada theme that has introduced thousands of great games over the years may not be heard again when the puck drops next season.

The agency that represents the song's composer said the CBC will no longer use the familiar hockey anthem.
Yeah, right, and Ron Maclean is going to broadcast for someone else too. Remember that one?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Word Up