Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Offside Celebration

This is so refreshing to see. Getafe punishes Real for being stupid and celebrating a disallowed goal. Somebodies forgot to be professionals. No big deal or anything, Barcelona went from 5 back to 2 back.

Jimmy Kimmel is....

Does it get any funnier than this?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GT Prologue

Here is a screenshot from GT Prologue which shows an "in car" view. I've always thought it would be cool to play a game like this, where you could use your mirrors and get a better feel for what is around you and what the car is doing. This feature isn't available (as far as I can tell) in the demo though.

Birthday party soccer

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pokers Results

All-In Poker II - Feb 6th 2008

Here are the belated final results (name-# all ins-moneys spent-moneys won):
5. Ryan - 4 all ins - 15$
4. Alex - 5 all ins - 11$
3. Jesse - 4 all ins - 11$
2. Kevin D - 5 all ins - 9$ - won 13$
1. Adam - 8 all ins - 17$ - won 50$

Jonny K Poker - Feb 15th 2008

Final Results (name-moneys spent-moneys won):
7. Alex - 13$
6. Micheka - 13$
5. Jon - 19$
4. Kevin D - 11$
3. Ryan - 13$ - won 10$
2. Mel - 7$ - won 25$
1. Heather - 9$ - won 50$

Classic WF et al.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The who?

In this new recurring feature, I will live out my all too frequent rage of the mockery of sports that the Star Phoenix Sports Editors make. Some days, it is simple grammatical stuff, other days you get complete head shakers, like this:

In this photo, SPS (Star Phoenix Sports) could not correctly identify the Saskatoon based team (Accelerators, soccer). It claims that the Winnipeg Alliance player is on the top, which is incorrect. How does this even slip by? The photo took up most of the front page of the Sports section and you can clearly read the logo on the Accelerators player's shirt. SPS even had a reporter at this game to put into this day's Sports section. Maybe they just got the definitions of top and bottom mixed up.

Way to help a burgeoning league get off to a solid start.

In this mix up, they present an article on Mark Streit, the well-rounded Canadiens' player. He draws much praise CNS writer Pat Hickey, saying that his solid play makes him a shoo in for a big payday when he hits the free agent market this summer ("a versatile performer who has become one of the Canadiens' most valuable players"). So what does SPS do to point out Streit to the readers? They put a picture of Kovalev in with Streit's name underneath of course!

Lucky to still have legs

Imagine how badly broken Rob Schremp would be if in a (nother) 5-0 blowout of the Flames he started skating around with the puck stuck to the end of his stick playing keep away.

That my friends is the true difference between hockey and soccer.

Own Goalage

Kids, this is classic "what not to do in injury time in the 5th round of the FA Cup when you are a 2nd division team playing a Premier league team and during a corner kick the ball bounces to you while you are facing your own net."

Darren Carter, take it away:

The "what not to do" answer is of course: hammer it into the top of your own net.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hell in a Handbasket...

is a stupid saying, but that is how I feel.

Once again, I have been overlooked by the narrowest of margins by not winning the Chevy shoot for a million. Some jerk from PA won it.

Now, the only thing standing between 35-year-old sawmill worker Darwin Head of Prince Albert, SK, and a cool million dollars is scoring 15 goals in 24 seconds, as he was named this year's participant in TSN's second annual, international award-winning million-dollar giveaway, the Chevrolet Malibu Million Dollar Shootout.

Anyway, I will once again mourn my overlooking on February 27th by drinking copious quantities of liquid regret as I watch a crappy hockey game with two teams I detest with a passion, Vancouver and Colorado.

Join me as I search for the meaning of life, because it certainly doesn't come from a hockey stick, 24 pucks, and 15 seconds.

Friday, February 08, 2008

EPL (& NHL) Overseas

This is just getting stupid. However, these are the fundamentals of capitalism. The need to expand markets and increase profits are able to trump anything and anyone: governments, environment, health, and even sport fans.

Similar to the NHL, who also this past year was getting its freak on about expanding into Europe with more regular season games and possibly European NHL based teams in the future, English Premier League soccer is trying to capitalize on huge demand in other markets. Man U already go on an Asian exhibition tour every year and their following in huge in countries like China, not that there is many people over there or anything. Other EPL teams visit the US which has increased its appetite for soccer after over a decade now of successful domestically run soccer from the MLS and the success of its Women's team on the world stage. So why not chase the almighty dollar?

The NHL has been in a hurt for quite a while now (or at least the pundits make it seem) with lack of a big US TV contract (they gave NBC rights to broadcast for free I believe). The fanbase in the southern US is not very strong. Hockey is no longer a big 4 sport in the US, if it ever was, thanks to the increased profiles of golf, NASCAR, US College sports, etc. These types of "negatives" make people worried, but where is the immediate danger? I like hockey the way it is now, the former financially struggling teams are now more secure with the salary cap / revenue sharing. The last time something radical was done in the NHL, blue pucks and expansion to the beach, things didn't work out so well, did they?

What about exercising caution?

I've read about how the success of Major League Soccer in the US could be attributed by its slow and steady growth, not pushing to hard to drive the game down peoples throats or take unnecessary risks with the league. Some might view this as invalid now that the Beckham era has begun and teams are now paying big bucks for big players, as opposed to the extremely minimal salaries for domestic players. But the league is still in a good position and continues to build each year. New soccer specific stadiums are being built and expansion has capitalized on the strong footing of the league; Toronto already has trouble keeping up with demand for seats.

However, why can't this approach be taken for the NHL's current situation? Bide your time until you get that big US TV contract. Slowly slide teams north if there is demand (Nashville to Hamilton, Atlanta to Winnipeg, etc.). It doesn't makes sense to me how so many people in the hockey press can think taking the game overseas is a great idea. Players are bitchy about long trips across North America, how is going to Europe going to help? I mean, it's not like anyone attributed the road trip to England for LA or Anaheim's slow starts to the NHL season or anything. If I lived in an NHL city, I wouldn't be too excited about my team playing some of it's home games overseas for these exhibition games either. Shouldn't the game that is made for us be played for us?

At this point it becomes a circus, where people come out for the "big show" to go "ooooh" and "ahhh" and hope to catch a fight. Do they care about the teams and the results? Is it significant to many people in Prague? Will the players play like they would for their domestic fans?

This is where I would be really insulted if I were English and my domestic soccer league were moved elsewhere. Potentially crucial, championship determining games could be played somewhere else where there is no dedicated fan support or atmosphere for the players. All the fans that would normally travel to away games would have to watch on TV across the globe. The players would be playing for a largely apathetic crowd, booing players for diving all over the place and hoping only to see a rare goal.

So, I'm glad to see the press and the fans came down so hard on the idea of playing EPL games overseas. Keep the game for the fans who drive it. Why alienate the very people that ensure it's existence? The almighty dollar is the ultimate paradox. It giveth and it taketh away.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So Coulman and I discussed this and we came to some conclusions. First of all, what is so amazing about this? So he can't hit the net worth shit, big deal. Then we thought about it again and started wondering why he was shooting from outside the blueline and even from his own blueline. Did the all star breakaway competition really inflate his ego that much? Or is he just too thick to realize he won't score from there. But then we figured it out. This isn't a freakish slap shot from a questionably heterosexual Flamer. This is the Saddledome arena staff putting defective glass behind the Minnesota net in order to make Dion Phaneuf (do doooo do do do) look like a demi-god. Which he is not.

Photo of the Time Period

What's awesome about this picture, other than Joel of course, is the camera flash reflecting off the coffee table and casting shadows from the table top items onto the wall.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Colbert v. Stewart v. O'Brien

Three of the funniest people in the whole New York get together to show that if the writers leave, there will always be three stooges type comedy around to keep Alex entertained.

Neurology Rules!

Great news from the CBC...

Men are more rewarded by video games than women on a neural level, which explains why they're more likely to become addicted to them, researchers at Stanford University claim ... Researchers saw activity in the brain's mesocorticolimbic centre, the region they said is typically associated with reward and addiction.
So you know what this means guys? We can just play away to our hearts content knowing that it is our physiology which prevents us from stopping. What can any wife or girlfriend say to that? "Um, you need to free yourself from your physical handicap"? Don't think so. Not that I think it's great to have a handicap or anything, I just want to exploit it, that's all.

I mean, you can even take it to the next level. If God didn't want me this way, then why did he make me like this?

This is like the time where I got Heather to admit that she has no long term or short term memory. Score! I just won every argument for the rest of our lives. "Oh, didn't I take the garbage out last night? Well if you had any sort of memory, maybe I could believe you. So sorry." And then you say "NOT" in your head afterwards, in an addictive fashion, then retreat to play more video games.

The scientists also found that three brain structures — the nucleus accumbens, amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex —influenced each other more in men than in women, and the better that circuit was connected, the better the males did in the game.
So we are also better at video games. Maybe that isn't what's implied here, but I'm going to read it that way. So next time Heather beats me at a game of mario kart, it's just pure luck, like it was the 349837 times before that. Come to think of it, this would explain a lot about why she was asking me for help so often in Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

It's not sexism, it's just the way we are. I don't complain that my breasts aren't big enough.

Street Skills

If this isn't videoshopped (copyright TheBestNothing, 2008), then this is amazing and I don't know how these guys are not making tons of money doing half time shows. Maybe they are? It appears to be an ad for FIFA street 3.

Incredible Soccer Skills - Watch more free videos

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Berman gets upset

I love this guy, but is anyone in TV not a prima donna?

Chris Berman Loses His Cool - Watch more free videos