Sunday, September 30, 2007


The words Heather dreaded to hear:
"Introducing The Setanta International Sports Pak!"

Setanta has the rights to all the EPL and champions league and basically any other soccer (+rugby and AFL) you want to watch 24 hours a day. It's like my dream channel. TV heaven if you will. And Sasktel MAX now has it. However, it does have its issues:

1. 14.95$ a month.
2. I would never leave the house.
3. It's not HD.
4. Heather won't allow it (if she knew about it....)
5. Having to hear from everyone else that soccer is for sissies all the time.
6. I could probably settle for Sopcast/TVANTS, but I recently had problems connecting to an EPL game and I'm wondering if it is losing it's functionality. Plus the buffering and glitching issues are annoying.

It's tempting, but I think I just might have to see if I can get a free year long preview. I have my ways....

SNL Digital Short

I heart David

To be honest, I used to love David L. He was the cream of the crop of late night TV. Welcome back, Dave. I love you.

What's even funnier, is that he reminds me of mr. Lynch. I love you both.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Even though I don't watch TV (except sports), Kenny vs. Spenny is one of my favorite shows. And now it has Trey Stone and Matt Parker backing it. I mean, how much funny can a show get? The office already pushes the envelope, but this just might cause gut busting.

I love Wes Anderson

No seriously, I'm a big fan. Don't get the wrong idea of why I might be posting this.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


UPDATE: Hey Brent, maybe I'll just wait for the true HD version to come out before I pick it up: check this out.

Just wait it out, it's worth it.

Halo Takes Over The World - Watch more free videos


Well, another year, another disappointment.

Wendy's has once again not chosen me to kick for a million dollars. Why? I'm not sure. I faithfully played the game and ate a baconator. What do I have to do? Eat baconators and drink Gibson's every day? Because I'll do it.

Anyway, I'm going to drown my sorrows on October 12th and watch the game in sorrow and disgust. Please join me and lament my bad luck. At least this year I can do it while watching 46inches of manhood at my house. That's right, HD was hooked up last night. Which brings me to another point.

Does anyone else have problems with Sasktel Max's digital optical audio out? I get a ~1/4 second audio drop where it just goes silent about every 20-40 seconds. It is extremely annoying and I noticed it this weekend at Jay's watching the (cough) Rider game. Google will lead the way. Otherwise, tech support is going to get it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost hockey time

UPDATE: Souray winner against Flamers last night. Uhhhhh, me likey. Oh... My... God.... I just watched the highlights. That might have been the fastest point shot puck-to-net goal I've ever seen. And then there was Hemsky being Hemsky dangling the shit out of everyone. Go to now! Anyway, Oilers 5-1 so far. Schremp was sent down... again. Oh well, more room for Gagner, Brodziak, Cogliano.

OK, nobody seems to be excited about the Oilers, but I'm kind of optimistic this year. They have a batch of really good young guns who hopefully can crack the lineup. There's talk of Sam Gagner playing on the top line for God sakes! He's 18. That's Crosby territory. Probably won't happen, but Cogliano looks really good, as does Brodziak. And that's before you even get to puck wiz Schremp. If these guys can push things offensively, we should be OK given the defensive changes and strong presence in net. If the Oilers can pick another up a strong defensive defenseman, its Stanley Cup for sure.

Sneak Peaks:

Ahhh, remember this good times?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Important life changing info

UPDATE: I bought one online, thanks alot to... NOBODY!

Dudes, I did it, I got an HDTV and Surround Sound. It's now time to stop living and start lounging. I'll post pictures later.

I need a component XBOX video cable so that I can successfully play Scarface for XBOX with all of it's 720p glory. Except nobody sells these cables anymore! I guess I could pay 80$ for one online, but that's retarded. Hopefully someone is done with their XBOX and wants to give it to me?

Ok, fine, sell it to me?... cheap?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Taking the heat off Spurs

...for a while anyway.

From ESPN Soccernet...

The England striker missed two spot-kicks - one twice-taken - as the Toffees were held to a 1-1 UEFA Cup draw on Thursday by nine-man Metalist Kharkiv at Goodison Park.
I'm no expert on ... anything, but I do know that Andrew Johnson should probably be put into a potato sack (and he would fit, too) and rolled down the longest stairway on the planet. That might not be fair to single him out, but his miss resulted in the whole team and their fanbase looking like idiots to even have drawn in their dominant position. I'm pretty sure Rooney's uncle could have beat 9 men Meatalist Kharkiv. Where the hell were they even from? Do they get paid in goats milk?

This is just another example of Everton flaming out of Europe. It's like the red team in town got all the continental talent and none was left for the Tossers, I mean Toffees. They flamed out of the Champions League when they somehow qualified a few years ago and then subsequently flamed out of the UEFA Cup shortly after that. Good Riddance.

(PS, Spurs had the biggest offensive outburst yesterday in their crushing 6-1 victory, where are the videos on youtube?! Are EPL teams highlights getting yanked?)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got Owens?

Would you believe that he would get fined for this? He didn't. So what if the rules state that you can't use the football as a prop. Kind of sad though, this guy is king of the football touchdown comedy show. Here he is poking fun at the whole Patriots spying/filming scandal.

Women's World Cup

North Korea's captain. No caption necessary.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Thorburn was back as the former North Bay Centennial made his homecoming in an Atlanta Thrashers jersey for an exhibition game against the New York Islanders... North Bay, the winner of the Hockeyville contest, hosted the preseason game in front of a sold-out Memorial Gardens crowd that had the building rocking like the good old days, making for an atmosphere that was equal parts charming and electric.

So let me get this straight. North Bay wins a contest that declares it the town with "the greatest commitment to the game" and then they get the pleasure of watching the Islander and the Thrashers? I'm sorry, but the highlight of that game must have been those timbit toddlers playing during the first intermission. What kind of tripe is that? At least we got a Flames game tonight and we didn't have to win shit all. In fact, the Oilers played the Leafs tonight in Edmonton. Why couldn't they have got that game?

Could it be that it's because Leafs/Oilers sold out in Edmonton while North Bay could only accommodate 3,500 for a game that might have drawn 18 people in Atlanta or New York? Who knows? But I do know this, I would feel shafted if I lived in North Bay.

Can you say DeRo?

I sincerely apologize for the lack of quality highlights of this game on youtube, I really need to take this job into my own hands. But finally I found this treasure of a goal from my man, DeRo.


Oh, and by the way:

Christmas list

Dear Santa,

I was going to ask for a ghost, but I'll settle for a warthog instead.

Warthhog fun - Watch more free videos

Monday, September 17, 2007

REAL Halo 3 museum commercial

Apparently the last Halo 3 commercial I posted last week was a hoax. This one here makes much more sense.

Hilarious Trailer For Halo - Watch more free videos

RFC (request for comments)

Hey everyone.

I'm just going to put this on here. It's just the TV I've had in mind for the last long while. I'm putting it up here since there is a good deal on it along with a Pioneer home theater in a box (home theater in a box, girrrrrl) and futureshop has a big home theater sale on now. I'm in no way putting this up here because Heather requested this blog's URL because she was bored at work today and I'm trying to imply anything to her....

What do you think?

... backstage at the CMA's, it's a home theater in a box.


Has anyone ever seen this game? It is called True Combat: Elite and is apparently free and developed by a community of online developers. Looks pretty good considering the price.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Halo 3 commercial

Kind of cool, kind of going to piss some people off (veterans of real wars?).

Thursday, September 13, 2007


After the weirdest poker game I have ever participated in, the Royal Sampler was finally got, accidentally. After I split a big pot with Heather which I didn't deserve to win, I got rivered in a hand that gave Kevin the royal sampler. However, I would have won that hand if the sampler didn't exist OR if that bastid Fauchoux wouldn't have noticed that the sampler showed up. Long story short, the Royal Sampler themed poker nights died last night, age 7.

Another oddity was the fact that we were 12 dollars short at the end of the night. WTF? I went over it like 5 times and it seemed like everyone paid up, but money somehow disappeared. Props to Brent for understanding and taking up the slack for the shortcoming. If someone did steal the money or didn't properly pay, just remember, God will smite you.

The final result are thus:
1. Brent
2. Nippon
3. Alex
4. Kevin
5. Jon
6. Brad
7. Kerry
8. Coulman
9. Ryan

I will post a picture of the hand that broke my spirit and chances of winning in a short while.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AHL Brawl

Normally this is enough entertainment in itself, but throw in Cam Ward getting his ass kicked, well, that just makes my day.

Sam Gagner

For my Oiler fan brethren. PS, he was the MVP of the Russia-Canada Super Series, not a big deal.


This song not only encapsulates fantasy life, but the life which is not fantasy as evidenced by the female chatter in the song (the end really tells the tale). And for some, the truth is all too real, hey Blair? Too bad you lost to Brad this week in fantasy football. Did you know I just taught him that WR didn't mean running back?

Anyway, I don't have that problem. I'm undefeated in my two leagues this year, and in my maiden voyage last year, I won the league. So when I listened to this song, what I was really hearing was "You suck at fantasy football"..... You.... Yeah, you. Especially Blair.

I Suck At Fantasy Football - Watch more free videos

Re-kick this

Well, they started to pull their heads out their ass for a brief second, but then decided to put it back in. Must be nice and warm in there. I read that the CFL issued a media statement that revealed an officiating call in the Banjo Bowl was made in error. Immediately, I thought: which one? But instead of there being any concrete revelation of wrongdoing, I got this:

In the game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders played on Sunday, September 9, the referee conducted an instant replay review of a fourth quarter kickoff by Saskatchewan. It was ruled that the ball was knocked out of bounds simultaneously by players from Winnipeg and Saskatchewan and the ball was subsequently awarded to Winnipeg as the receiving team. It has been determined that the applicable rule was incorrectly applied and that this play should have resulted in a re-kick by Saskatchewan.
As I've said, the ball hit the Rider player's helmet. And besides, on a replay, how can you possibly determine simultaneous touching?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


With only limited selection of mid-sized watermelons available, I found it quite difficult to mount this melon over my... melon. Hopefully, when the real sculpting is needed, larger melons will be available. Not much to my design, just a hole with some forehead and ear room. Man watermelons are juicy though, I was able to rescue a whole glass of delicious juice. Fortunately, I was making a fruit salad at the same time, so not much wastage to report.

Without doing much digging, here is the only help I could find about watermelon helmet creation.

Here's my version. I included some additional photos of our summer experience.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I so have to try this

The Only Mario Level That Plays Itself - Watch more free videos

related and hilarious

Dear CFL

First, let's establish that, yes, I am a disgruntled Rider fan, yes, I am angry that they lost yesterday, yes, I am disappointed that I can count on two fingers how many times the defense pressured Kevin Glenn, yes, I am shocked at Kerry Joseph's performance, yes, I am dismayed at how easily the Bomber offense navigated an effortless running and passing game around one of the best defenses in the CFL (if not the best), and yes, I hate the Bombers with a passion.

Now that we have established that, I would like to move forward with my motion: either a full investigation into the refereeing of yesterday's game should be made or the CFL commissioner should step down. The atrocious game calling was either a result of incessant make-up calls stemming from the apparent Dominguez no-call from the Labour day game or the refs had made some rather large bets with bookies before or during the game.

Four incidents come to mind where either marginal rape or extreme rape occurred. A phantom offensive pass interference penalty that negated a large Rider gain (even Blair, a Bomber fan, was mystified), a 3 step catch and fumble called incomplete by Fantuz that negated a large Rider gain, a Bomber challenge that failed to produce conclusive evidence of the ball hitting the turf but still won to negate a large Rider gain, and finally, the most ridiculous reviewed play ever that negated the Rider retaining possession after an on-side kick.

The latter mentioned call involved Jake Ireland being able to determine through instant replay that a Rider player and Bomber player simultaneously touched the ball last before it went out of bounds. Wow, those replay cameras must be mega high definition. Horse shit. I mean, to overturn the call on the field, he would have had to be 100% certain that they both touched the ball at the same time. How could he have done this? He couldn't. And therefore, the play on the field should have stood. And why didn't the fact that the ball hit the Rider helmet, as could be seen by anyone who isn't clearly senile or bias, come into the final decision? Absolute horse shit.

You know, maybe we can learn something from European soccer here. Last month, a brutal refereeing decision was made by one Rob Stiles in awarding a penalty kick to Chelsea against Liverpool. Sure, this decision drastically determined the outcome of the game whereas the Riders would surely still have lost if the aforementioned call had been made correctly, but shouldn't principal matter? The principal is this: refs are accountable too. To whom? To the league, to the teams, to the fans. Rob Stiles was demoted and reprimanded for his mistake and understandably so. This works to ensure the highest level of performance, execution, decision making, etc. from the referees.

There will be no talk of Jake Ireland being reprimanded or questioned for his poor performance. That will only change once we demand it. So here I am, demanding it. Let the door hit him on the way out at least as hard as he slapped my and all other Rider fans across the face yesterday.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Internet People

These guys do a good job of capturing retarded internet phenomena, doo doo dododo.

Internet People - Watch more free videos