Friday, October 04, 2013

A Week of Forget

This started with me forgetting my wallet in the rental bag of clubs Shuswap Lake Estates golf course in BC, which Heather and I golfed on Monday, and not noticing that I didn't have it until 4:30AM the next day, when we were scheduled to fly out at 7:30AM.  I then subsequently missed my flight home before reclaiming my wallet and arrived home 12 hours late.

The next day (Wednesday) I switched backpacks for my bike to work and forgot my bike lock.  So I went into the building and got Brad's lock, but forgot to take my swipe card and was locked out of the building.

Thursday I printed out a swim workout, which I forgot to take with me when I left work.  I then forgot my swim trunks and towel when I went to swimming and missed the swim.

I'm now, at any given time, afraid of what I'm forgetting.