Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beer Pong and Gibsonators 2011

75 cans/bottles, 2 Gibson's 26's, one wine bottle. That's more empties than the idiot who tried to kick field goals. It doesn't have to make sense.

Simultaneous photo collage:

As far as beer pong results went, everyone did their best to ensure Ryan and I retained the trophy again. Clearly Karma doesn't exist based on the taunting I give out and just can't lose this thing. Maybe it was just our superior skills, strategy, and costumes. Sorry that Dean's championship run ended this year due to Ryan's return.

NickLynn finished the round robin in first with a surprise win over Got Wood. Got Wood got revenge though with wins in the playoffs which included 2 victories over NickLynn and Cassie's terrible attempts to blow everything out. In-Laws started strong and faded, as usual, losing repechage #1. Ponies finished in third and probably would have won, had it not for me cheating, making up rules, and faking injuries to get people kicked out. Right Mel? Random disintegrated throughout the night. Gingervitis lost big a few games and it cost them. Meat Parade did not win a game.

MVP: Ryan, hits winning shot
Best Team name: Never Ending Meat Parade
Worst Team maybe ever: Never Ending Meat Parade (0 wins)
Most Roster moves: Team Random (7 signings, 2 trades, 5 waived)
Most complete game round robin victories: Got Wood? (3)
Worst beer pong throwing technique: Jen
Best distractor: Amy
Worst blower: Cassie
Best distraction: Matt's butt squeeze / gut extension
Most sportsmanlike: Ryan and Alex for refusing to win by goaltending call in the final vs. Nick Lynn
Least sportsmanlike: Mel for fighting legit calls, even when she wasn't playing
Worst person alive: Brad, for disrespecting the spirit of the event and bringing A&W
Most pregnant: Angie, slightly edging out Matt

Ideas for next year:
-Keep 9 minute time limit
-Less games
-2 teams, Ryan and I captain and we draft from everyone there. People take turns playing.